How Much Does Hydrafacial Cost in Dubai?



Hydrafacial is taking the skincare world by storm due to it's effectiveness in improving skin texture, tone, and appearance. Hence becoming a must have service in every beauty clinic in Dubai. 

But how much exactly does Hydrafacial cost in Dubai? 

Beauty clinics are all over the place in Dubai. There's literally one around every corner. Just look at this image below of a quick google search for "beauty clinics" for reference. 



Yes, the red pins are beauty clinics. 

Do you know what all these red pins have in common? Many skincare services, most notably, Hydrafacials.




On the low end of the spectrum, we have clinics offering basic hydrafacial treatment sessions for as low as 300 AED ($80), these sessions consist of exfoliating the skin using specialized hydrodermabrasion equipment.

On the high end, we have premium Hydrafacial sessions that come along with the full range of serums needed to nourish and purify the skin. These typically average around 1,500 AED ($400)

Let's take the basic Hydrafacial sessions as an example: 

It is considered best practice to do 30min Hydrafacials once every 4 weeks. Leaving you with a minimum budget of $80 a month, or $960 a year. 

The Hydrobloom Kit

What if there's a cheaper, more practical alternative than the yearly $960 a month? 

Introducing our all new HydroBloom™ Skin Rejuvenation Kit. 




Known for it's 3-step process to deep-clean, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. It helps in improving overall skin texture, tone and appearance. Much like your traditional Hydrafacial machine found at the beauty clinic, without the hefty price tag. 

Now available in the UAE, It comes with 6 different nozzles, a charging cable, a comprehensive user manual, and a 14-day money back guarantee! All for just $69.

You can check it out by clicking here.